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How can you help?

It's simple, Help us get the word out. Share our website and contact info with your friends and neighbors. 

You want to do more? Browse below to see where you can fit in and can help support our mission

Community Organization

My organization would love to have a garden.
 Please contact me to help us get started.

Local Champion

I want to get the word out about what you're doing.
 Please contact me so I can reach out to my network and introduce them to Garden in Every Lot.

Financial Partner

I love what you are doing and I want to see it continue.
 I would like to make a donation.

Culture Ambassador

I am a  English-speaking foreign born immigrant and I want to help my community have access to these services. 


I want to help new gardeners succeed.
 I'm interested in providing training spaces or lessons related to gardening .


I have the organic materials, storage space, or tools needed to really get this off the ground.
 Let me know how I can contribute.

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