A project of the University of Northern Iowa

Strengthening our region's culture of backyard gardening. 

Our Mission

A Garden In Every Lot is all about supporting our community’s culture of backyard gardening. We do this by helping both individual community members and community organizations overcome barriers to starting a garden. We accomplish this by offering garden site assessment & preparation, tilling, seeds, plant starts, mulch, and by helping community members negotiate with local landlords and governmental bodies. In concert with our community partners we help coordinate gardening focused educational programs and community-building events.

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Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated AmeriCorps members and UNI staff. 
A Garden In Every Lot is a project overseen and supported by UNI's Center for Energy & Environmental Education.

3 Pillars

Food Production

Grow our communities' strength, knowledge, and interest in community food production.

Food Security

Increase access to fresh, healthy vegetables for all, including our most vulnerable populations wishing to have a garden of their own.

Food Education

Create educational culture around gardens, healthy nutrition, food & community empowerment.

Our Sponsors

A special thanks to all those who have made this project possible.

The Leighty Foundation

University of Northern Iowa's 
Center for Energy and Environmental Education

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